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We have found that our best sales representatives are our customers that own our trailers. We have tried a dealer network and distributor network - and with this unique product line it goes back to the basics of having a strong in the field networking capabilities. Basically the true ingredient of Tailgating.

So we have come up with a popular reward program for our customers that provide us with leads that turn into future sales. Our "Sales Reward" program is simple. Purchase any size NEW or demo trailer from Tailgate Trailers - and go tailgating & start networking. If we get a lead that has been referred by you and that lead turns in a trailer sale, you will receive a 7% Sales Commission. PLUS, for your first sale, in addition to your earned 7% sales commission, you will receive a onetime additional 7% rebate on that trailer that you purchased from Tailgate Trailers. Double commission on your first sale. Sounds Simple, it is. Making money while tailgating and doing what you do best - Networking.

7% Sales Commission

For Example: you provide a lead that turns into a sale of a 5x8 Lil Gator for $10,000. You will receive a sales commission of 7% ($700), and with your first sale you will get the rebate 7% back on the trailer you purchased from Tailgate Trailers for $10,000, that's another ($700) for a total of $1,400. Getting paid while tailgating and having fun. You In?

No inventory to maintain, no franchise fees, no royalties, no special training. Sell and Earn.

Is there an easier way to make some extra money while having fun?

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